Friday, June 5, 2009

Best part of the trip so far (except for one, but youàll see that later): going to Anzio with Fr. Mitchell, Fr. Kane, seminarian Steven Mills, and some other Nebraska people (nobodyàs wearing their clerics, by the way, so look carefully at the faces to see whoàs who. Fr. Kane has his back to us). Most of the pictures are of the American cemetery, but there are two of the beach and one of the train station.

First Few Hours in Rome...enjoy!

This is the High Altar at Saint Mary Major

This is the Manger of Jesus at St. Mary Major. Its the best reason to go there because the basillica is too in your face baroque.

This is me at St. Mary Major. I used Spanish to get this picture (it was taken by a woman from Argentina).

This is the courtyard of the La Casa di Amy hotel